What are the benefits of using a blower truck?

Certain activities require the use of large capacity vehicles such as trucks. These mobile machines facilitate the transport and supply of large quantities of goods. However, there are trucks that have been designed to perform specific tasks. This is the case of the blower truck which has a particularity of its own, which sets it apart from the others. Are you curious to know more about the usefulness of this vehicle? If so, here is a short presentation that will allow you to find out more on the subject.

Fuel supply

It is important to specify that the blower truck is a vehicle specialized in the transport, storage and supply of heating fuels. It meets the needs of individuals and businesses regarding the supply of wood which can be used for multiple uses.

Equipped with a storage container and a compressor that works like a motor, the blower trucks in Europe, load a large quantity of wood pellets. Then, upon delivery, the compressor, once started, produces a powerful blast which propels the small pieces of wood which come out through a flexible pipe. By using a blower truck, it is therefore possible to obtain a supply of wood to warm the interior of a home. You then have the possibility of having a large stock of wood pellets delivered to you by using the transport service of this particular vehicle.

Saving time during delivery

The other advantage of using a blower truck is saving time. Unlike conventional transport trucks, which require significant labor to load goods, the blower truck can do without maneuvers.

The direct consequence is the speed of loading and unloading operations. This benefits the customer, especially if it is an urgent delivery. Indeed, a blower truck can be loaded at the start, but upon arrival thanks to its pipe device which discharges the fuel, it no longer needs to employ people for unloading. In addition, thanks to the blowing system, the wood pellets can be unloaded in record time. In other words, having fuel delivered by a blower truck is much faster than using a regular truck.

Fuel delivery to hard-to-reach areas

The geographical location of your house does not allow you to use the service of a classic transport truck to supply you with fuel? If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry anymore. All you have to do is opt for the delivery services of a blower truck.

In reality, this vehicle is perfectly suited to deliver to you even if your home is in a remote area and your storage silo is installed at height. Since the discharge pipe of a blower truck measures approximately between 20 to 40 meters, it can therefore blow wood pellets over a long distance thanks to its powerful engine.

Whatever the difficult access conditions in your home, you can have fuel delivered to you with blower trucks, which is a great advantage.

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